Artwork & Design Guide

Learn more below about best practices and tips about your artwork, design and our proofing process.

Art File Requirements

The file type and quality of your uploaded design directly impacts the quality of your screenprinted shirts, and the speed in which we can create and send your proofs for pre-production review. In general, providing your highest resolution files greatly improves the overall process and final results.

Accepted File Formats

We allow the following file types when uploading your designs on our website:

.ai / .psd / .eps / .pdf / .png / .jpeg / .svg

The maximum file size per upload is 10MB. However, if your file is too large to upload, you can also email it to after you place your order.

Ideal File Type - Vector

For the best quality when it comes to screenprinting, vector files are highly recommended. Vector files are made with precise lines, paths and anchors. Vectors can be enlarged without losing quality, and there are no issues when it comes to pixelation/blurry outputs. Therefore, when screenprinting your art, especially at larger dimensions such as the back of a t-shirt, the result is a much cleaner and crisper print.

Most common vector file extensions end in .ai, .eps, .pdf.

Note - if providing vector files, please outline text/fonts and flatten layers.

Next Best File Type - Raster (150 dpi)

If you don’t have access to vector files, then raster files with a minimum of 150 dpi is highly recommended for best results and similar quality to vector files. Dots per inch (dpi) refers to the image’s resolution. Because raster files contain pixels, the higher the resolution, the better the quality when it is enlarged at the print size. 

Most common raster file extensions end in .jpeg, .png, .psd.

If you paid for an Expedited Proof (24 business hours), then we require either vector or 150 dpi minimum raster files.

Bare Minimum Requirements

If you don’t have access to either vector or 150 dpi raster files listed above, then at the minimum we will need your file in a digital, graphical format. Upload or send us whatever the highest resolution files you have.

 Please note that in these cases, the following may occur:

  • Longer proofing turnaround (past 48-72 business hour standard)
  • Reduced print quality if your submitted file is too low resolution (we will inform you on your proofs if this is the case)

As long as you can provide this bare minimum digital file of your design, we will still create free proofs for your review. Please see the “Free Proofing Services” section for more info.

However, in order to keep our pricing low, we DO NOT accept the following:

  • Incomplete designs using files that are meant to serve as inspirations and references
  • Hand drawn sketches
  • Photographs of previous t-shirts

If the only files you have fall into one of our “Do Not Accept” categories, we do offer a very low priced service. Please see the section “Paid Artwork Services” below for more info.

Free Proofing Services

Every order with at least the minimum accepted file types will receive a free proof for you to review. We will print your order according to the specifications laid out on the proof, and you will get a chance to review, request changes, and approve before your order moves into the production phase. 

After you place your order, a member of our team will review your order and submitted files. Please add to your email contacts so you can receive our emails without them landing in spam. This also helps in case we need to reach out to you about potential file issues. 

Typically, it takes 48-72 business hours for our free standard proofing service. However, the lower the quality of your files, the longer it may take to receive proofs. 

Our free proofing service includes:

  • Mocking up your design onto the blank garment(s) you selected
  • Resizing your design, centering, and following your placement instructions as long as it falls within our standard print placement ranges
  • Updating your design’s ink colors, including turning a multi color image into a single color design
  • Removing background colors
  • Adding and updating simple text/font instructions

In order to keep our pricing low, we do not provide design creation services from scratch.

Paid Artwork Services

We understand that not everyone may have access to the ideal quality vector/raster file types listed above. Sometimes, you may just have a low quality screenshot or photo of a previous t-shirt with your logo or design on them. In cases like these, we do offer a low priced paid vectoring service where we will redraw your logo.

Price: $20 for a one-sided design / $30 for a two-sided design.

In addition to higher quality proofs and print results, you will also separately receive high quality vector files. You can use these vector files for any other purpose for your business.

This service is non-refundable. If you decide to cancel your order after paying for this service, you will still receive your high quality files delivered via email.

Design Creation Policy

Unfortunately, we do not provide design creation services from scratch. Meaning, if you do not have any files at all, we are not able to create a new design or logo for you. The paid artwork service above is limited to redrawing your existing low resolution design files in a high quality vector format.

Design Limitations

We specialize in spot color screenprinting, with a maximum of 6 ink colors on the front/back only. For package deal products, we are limited to 3 spot ink colors on each side. This way, we can keep our pricing extremely low, while delivering a high quality product. 

As a result, there are some limitations to spot color screenprinting:

  • We do not print gradients/ombre effects.
  • We are limited to a minimum of 1.5 pts in the lines and other graphical elements of your design. This applies to both positive and negative space.
  • This means that really small/fine details that are below 1.5 pt when sized to your print may not always come out cleanly on the final print.
  • If you submit a high resolution vector file with graphical elements smaller than 1.5 pts, we are not able to manually resize. In cases like these, your proofs will include a disclaimer. 
  • For ink colors, we only print using our list of house coated Pantone colors and will match your design’s colors as closely as possible to our available options. 
  • If your desired ink color falls outside of our house list, we are not able to match to a custom Pantone.
  • Due to differences in device screen brightness, both ink and t-shirt garment colors may appear differently on your proofs compared to the physical product. 

Print placement/size limitations:

  • We only print on the front and back. We do not provide sleeve printing services, or other specialty areas.
  • Our maximum print dimensions on most adult unisex garments is 12” wide x 15” tall.
  • For youth garments, we are limited to 9” wide x 12” tall.
  • If your order contains both adult and youth garments, we are limited to a maximum of 9” wide x 12” tall in order to fit your design on youth shirts.
  • If you would like different print dimensions for adult and youth, please place separate orders.